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High-Bond Polyester

GMS Media      

High-Bond Polyester

All-purpose polyester label media. High heat capable, extra agressive adhesive, and 5 colors/finishes for every application.

GMS High-Bond™ Polyester can withstand 300+ degree temperatures, making it a better choice than vinyl or paper for industrial applications. Use it for control panels, informational and decorative markings. High-Bond Polyester is available in Clear, White, Shiny Silver, Matte Silver, and Brushed Silver. This 2 mil stock uses our aggressive, clear High-Bond pressure sensitive permanent adhesive on heavy paper liner specially formulated for the Gerber Printers. The adhesive is well suited for most surfaces, including powder paint, plastic, and other low energy surfaces. High-Bond Polyester media accepts a wide variety of pressure sensitive laminates such as polycarbonate, polyester, and vinyl.

Specially formulated for thermal transfer printers: our line of polyesters are surface treated for excellent transfer of thermal ribbons and fine detail printing. Pair High-Bond polyesters with compatible laminates such as our Wet Look™ or Tuff-Cover™ for more durable abrasion-resistant products that take on the look of the laminate.

Well suited for doming: Due to our moisture-resistant liner that "lays flat" after printing and cutting, it's easy to use doming processes to finish the product.

Available for Gerber or wide format thermal transfer printers.



Printer Type  Widths (inches) Lengths (yards) Thicknesses Colors
Gerber 15 5, 10, 50 2 mil Clear, Brushed Silver, Matte Silver, Shiny Silver, White
Summa 30 50 2 mil Clear, Brushed Silver, Matte Silver, Shiny Silver, White
Summa 24 50 2 mil Brushed Silver, Matte Silver


PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: (Spec sheet and MSDS located at the bottom of this page)

Thickness: 2 mil polyester with 1 mil of adhesive

Outdoor Life: 2 years

Shelf Life: 2 years stored at 70˚ F

Adhesive Properties: Aggressive, high performance, permanent solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces including low energy plastics.

Service Temperature Range: -40˚ F to 302˚ F

Minimum Application: 50˚ F Temperature

High-Bond White Polyester

Applications: White is great for general durable labels and decals. Our white polyester has a opalescent look when compared to vinyl or paper.

High-Bond Clear Polyester

Applications: Clear is great for control panels and membrane switch overlays with windows and LED lights. High-Bond clear polyester is also suited for permanent one or two sided window decals and sub-surface applications.

High-Bond Matte Silver Polyester

Applications: A classic aluminum name plate look, and in many cases it is harder to remove than actual aluminum name plates.

High-Bond Shiny Silver Polyester

Applications: Shiny silver is great for a high-end chrome look. Adding Wet Look laminate will maximize the chrome effect.

Printing on shiny silver for trophy and award applications saves incredible amounts of time and money over engraving with little difference in appearance. Overprinting with transparent foil colors will widen your choices of new chrome colors.

High-Bond Brushed Silver Polyester

Applications: Brushed silver is great for a decorative “stainless steel” look.

Printing on brushed silver for trophy and award applications saves incredible amounts of time and money over engraving, with little difference in finished appearance.


This product is CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Compliant. See spec sheet below: