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ModelMark with RubberMark Transfer Adhesive

Make "label-less labels" with ModelMark! A transfer media so thin you can barely feel or see any edges. It's perfect for clear coating. So moldable, you can put it over raised lettering on tires and it will simply conform to every texture. ModelMark gives you an opportunity to brand or decorate surfaces that weren't possible before. ModelMark is Utra-thin and ultra-clear, for the Gerber Edge®.

Once printed, the adhesive is laminated to the printed side to construct a transfer graphic. There are two adhesives available for use with ModelMark media with ModelMark Transfer Adhesive, for hard surface applications, and RubberMark Transfer Adhesive, for applications onto rubber surfaces.

ModelMark with RubberMark Adhesive helps you offer unique products to your customers—such as a sponsor or resort logos on golf cart tires, custom car detailing, etc.

When used on tires, ModelMark is removable with a solvent cleaner. This gives you amazing power to offer a "manicure" for cars--change it out with the seasons or your whim. Put manufacturer or sponsor logos on race care tires for each race. Show sponsor logos or messages on golf cart tires for a golf tournament or fundraising event, then remove and replace for the next event.

* It is necessary to use GMS Heavy Duty Rewinders with the Gerber Edge when printing on ModelMark, to hold the tension because the material is so thin. We recommend cutting ModelMark labels on both sides, with the adhesive side bigger.


  • Branding for race cars
  • Sponsor names / logos on golf cart tires
  • Logos on rubber rafts, other rubber products 

ModelMark is sold in a kit with a choice of two adhesives:

ModelMark Adhesive—for use on hard surfaces

RubberMark Adhesive—for use on tires and rubber

Start Here for a series of step-by-step tutorial videos on using RubberMark:



Thickness: 8 microns

Outdoor Life: 1 year

Minimum Application Temp.: Depends on the adhesive; please check spec sheet




  1. RubberMark Transfer Adhesive 2 mil - 10 in x 50 yd