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Convex Diamond

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convex diamond Vinyl

CONVEX® Diamond

Metallic glitter vinyl—for the winners!

CONVEX® Diamond sparkles and shines brighter than anything else on the market! This 14 mil thick vinyl with a brilliant metallic glitter flake is both durable and pliable, making it perfect for producing a winning decal. The dancing light shines brightly through transparent resin foils, while printing with opaque colors blocks it. You have complete control to incorporate movement exactly where you want it in your decal designs! Opaque white under the metallic, CONVEX Diamond remains just as bright when applied to dark surfaces. Create your own custom colors, or just cut and apply this brilliant metallic silver media for highlights that pop!

- 14 mils thick
- Great for sporting equipment
- Cut-only or print
- Create any color with transparent foils
- Opaque backing for application to dark color

              SPECIAL OFFER!

       Buy a 15 in. x 50 yd. Roll of CONVEX Diamond, and get Transparent Red and Transparent Blue Gerber Foils FREE!


Thickness: 14 mil layered film with 1 mil of GearWrap adhesive
Outdoor Life:
 2 years
Shelf Life:
 2 years stored at 70˚ F
Adhesive Properties:
 1 mil of permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for painted helmets and high energy surfaces. Not recommended for LSE plastics or powder coated paint.
Service Temperature Range:
 -40º F to 176º F
Minimum Application:
 55˚ F Temperature

 This product is CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Compliant.


  1. Convex Diamond GearWrap - 15 in x 10 yd

    Regular Price $201.59 Special Price $192.00
  2. Convex Diamond GearWrap - 15 in x 25 yd

    Regular Price $455.68 Special Price $434.00
  3. Convex Diamond GearWrap - 15 in x 5 yd

    Regular Price $113.66 Special Price $108.25
  4. Convex Diamond GearWrap - 15 in x 50 yd - FREE blue & red Gerber Transparent foils included!

    Regular Price $886.16 Special Price $844.00
  5. Convex Diamond GearWrap - 30 in x 10 yd

    Regular Price $403.18 Special Price $384.00
  6. Convex Diamond GearWrap - 30 in x 25 yd

    Regular Price $911.36 Special Price $868.00
  7. Convex Diamond GearWrap - 30 in x 50 yd

    Regular Price $1,772.32 Special Price $1,688.00