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PVC-X Kits

PVC-X Combo Kits

Re-Defining What PVC Can Do

PVC-X is bright white 10 mil rigid PVC. It’s glossy on both sides, prints beautifully on the Gerber Edge system, and cuts like butter. Print and cut any shape, any quantity--with no make ready and no die charges! When you are done score-cutting it, the PVC-X will just snap apart for a very clean edge.

Use this kit to make scratch-off contest cards! The specialty black ink can be scratched off easily with a coin, while the other thermal inks for the Gerber Edge are permanently adhered to the card. Print your background (in this case, the bones and water), then print over it with the special scratch-off ink. We even enhanced the look by adding another layer of silver over the black! When you scratch the card with the coin, only the areas printed with the scratch-off ink will come off.

Offer your customers specialty items like this, that sets you apart from other print shops! For more detailed instructions, call to schedule a training session -- 800-232-8018.

  1. KIT - 1 roll each - Gloss White PVC-X - 15 in x 50 yd - Black Scratch-Off foil - 50 yd refill


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