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Convex Supreme Kits

Convex® Supreme Combo Kits

• Highly pliable, fits easily to complex curves

• Supreme UV is outdoor durable for 5-7 years with UV inhibitors

• Makes watercraft decals easy for the end user to apply

• Petroleum resistant

Convex® Supreme UV is specially formulated to give you the best combination of UV durability and ease of application. This laminate is also petroleum resistant, making it perfect for watercraft and other applications where splashing fuel may occur. At 4 mil, it is the right thickness to make graphics easy to apply, where others wrinkle. Convex Supreme UV is high gloss and crystal clear, letting the artwork show perfectly, while protecting it for years.

  1. KIT - 1 roll each - Convex High-Bond 6 mil Matte White - 54 in x 50 yd - Convex Supreme - 54 in x 50 yd


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    Special Price: $1,428.00