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Pro-Shield 7 Matte Kits


Pro-Shield 7 Matte Combo Kits

We guarantee the compatibility of the materials!

If you need both media and laminate, order the two together and save up to 30%! Kits give you the products you need and let you order quickly and easily.

Do you need to make thick labels or decals that can withstand a lot of abrasion? We originally developed crystal clear Pro-Shield™ as the solution for areas that receive a tremendous amount of abuse. Pro-Shield is available in a high-gloss or matted finish.

Base materials available in kit with Pro-Shield 7:
Convex High-Bond

Choose your width and length (if applicable), and we'll show you the kits available to fit your needs. Don't see what you need? Give us a call and we will put together a kit just for you!