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Duracoat Ribbons for FX

Duracoat Ribbons

Professional quality color resin ribbons with easily refillable cartridges.

Duracoat ribbons are available for the Edge I and Edge II and the Edge FX. They are also UL recognized in combination with GMS polyesters and choice laminates. Duracoat ribbons have also been sold under the brand name APEX.

Duracoat ribbons require less print head energy to print. In order to obtain optimum print quality, we recommend changing the print head settings from normal to one of the lighter settings. Note: Use the lightest settings in the plot program when printing on Static Cling. Test the print quality on static cling before committing to the job.

Some of our customers run hundreds of Duracoat ribbons through their printers every month. "It's just like running a different brand of vinyl; not a problem" says one of our customers. And Duracoat guarantees against harm to your Edge.

Why Try Duracoat?

- 30 vibrant colors - the most popular ones used in the industry.
- 3 sizes - 25 yd (23m), 55 yd (50m), and 100 yd (92m) lengths allows you to purchase only the colors you need, reducing inventory.
- Available in cartridges & refills.
- Cartridges can be purchased once and then refilled for a lower cost per square foot, without sacrificing quality.
- Quality: DuraCoat ribbons are top quality products, developed by industry experts.
- Made in the USA.
- Exclusive anti-static backcoat helps reduce particle attraction during the printing process--the leading cause of print head damage.
- UV, Chemical & Weather-resistant, resulting in 3-5 years of outdoor life.