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Gerber Edge I & II Foils

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Gerbercolor Foils

The only foils calibrated to materials*

GerberColor foils are developed to withstand harsh exterior and industrial environments. GerberColor foils are consistent from one color to another and provide more vibrancy than other printing methods.

Spot colors provide solid color printing instead of dot patterns which limit your color possibilities. 

*What does "calibrated to materials" mean?

It means that Gerber has taken the time to test and program the optimum print settings for each foil and material combination into the Gerber Omega software. These are called profiles. The Gerber Omega software will automatically select the correct heat, speed, and pressure settings for the material you tell it you are printing on. Although you can still use non-calibrated material, media that is calibrated will carry the "Edge Ready" designation and give you peace of mind!

Correct heat, pressure, and speed are important because the color pigment is fused into the material and becomes part of the material. In most cases this means you will rip the material before you can scratch the color off.