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InvisInk Invisible Foil

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InvisInk™ Invisible Foil

No one will know it's there until you shine a black light on it.

Invisible Ink for the Gerber Edge! Put hidden data anywhere with InvisInk™. Print serial numbers or other information which will remain invisible until you shine a black light on it (convenient black pen lights or traditional fluorescent black lights may be used).

Help your customers with a real way to prevent counterfeiting and verify that their product is original. Companies also use it to hide unsightly serial numbers and other information for warranty purposes.

Hidden patterns, copy or graphics may be printed for VIP or other access passes. It can also be used to change the ambiance with decorative graphics, only visible when the black lights are on. Be creative with InvisInk! Remember InvisInk the next time you have an opportunity to help your customer hide a message or dress up an interior.


  1. InvisInk 100 yd For the Edge FX

  2. InvisInk 100 yd For the Edge I & II