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GMS Rewinder Station for Gerber EnVision 375

GMS Rewinder Station for the EnVision 375 Plotter 

Have you noticed how many times your production workflow is interrupted, because you feel safer watching your machines print and cut? You stand close to your machines, “just in case.” All this time, you or your employees could be accomplishing other tasks! If you add up all that time, you’ll find the investment in automation is a no-brainer.

If you are a manufacturer of labels, you understand automation is key. This sturdy system makes your plotter a mobile workhorse, automating the running of any job. Cut long, complicated, repetitive jobs without worry, as the rewinders automatically feed the material in, and spool it up neatly on the other side.

The heavy duty aluminum construction features castered wheels and the rewinders are securely bolted into place. All cables are tucked out of the way.

- Reduce time, payroll and waste by automating.

- Slack loop design eliminates drag while the plotter advances.

- Electronic eyes sense when to unwind and rewind.

- Use with heavy rolls of material without hand unwinding.

- Increase throughput – cut as fast as you want.

- Perfect alignment prevents the material from skewing.

- Winds up your cut graphics neatly after cutting. 

Start saving time and money today with the GMS Heavy Duty Rewinder Station for the EnVision 375 plotter.

We also have a rewinding station for the GERBER EDGE®.  

Bundle pricing available.

Your purchase includes the rewinders and the Rolling Plotter Rewinder Station, as shown. Gerber enVision 375 plotter not included.


Click to watch the enVision Rewinding Station in action.


  1. GMS Heavy Duty Rewinder Station for the Gerber EnVision plotter