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Econocraft Jr. 25 in. Cold Laminator

The Junior is a basic laminator that has all the components you need to laminate a variety of materials. It is a "cold" laminator which means it will only laminate pressure sensitive materials. The Junior is a table top unit without a stand. It comes with a foot pedal to free your hands up when loading the material.

If you only need to laminate occasionally or are on a tight budget, then the Junior will do the job. For an easy to use, but more robust laminator, look at the Workhorse.

  • Click here to apply online for financingVariable Speeds: Operates at a speed up to 10 feet per minute. Thicker films are generally applied better at mid-range to lower speeds, while 1.5 mil film should be applied at mid-range to higher speeds.

  • Scrap Rewind: An adjustable clutch takes up the release liner found on many pressure-sensitive films.

  • Simple Controls: Conveniently placed switches provide a compact, reliable control pad. Icons and international symbols are used for controls and safety warnings.

  • Roller Bearings: The alloy construction and high quality motors insure a long and hassle-free life for these machines.

  • Supply Roll Tension Controls: Supply roll tension is easy to adjust by simply tightening or loosening the tension control knobs on the supply roll mandrels. These are important because without some supply roll tension, most films and tapes will wrinkle during the application.

  • Reverse Drive Switch: Makes it simple to back material out of the laminating rollers or correct material wrap-around.

  • Made in the U.S.A.: This equals better service, quality and faster parts availability.

  • Removable Power Cord

  • Right and Left adjustable feed guides



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  1. Econocraft Jr. 25 in Cold Laminator

  2. Econocraft 25 with Foot Switch


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  3. Econocraft 25 with Foot Switch & Large Roll Holder.


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    Special Price: $4,454.00