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25 in. Hot/Cold Laminator with heavy-duty metal stand

The Workhorse is our recommended laminator because it's just that—a Workhorse.

• A 50 yd. roll of Gerber material will laminate perfectly straight when set up properly.

• Changing materials and laminates is very quick and easy.

• Rewinders can be added to roll up the laminated material or strip the liner as it exits the laminator. Or if you need to do a lot of slitting, stripping and rewinding rolls of labels, ask us about those options.

With a top speed of 25 FPM, a 50 yd. roll of labels can be done in 6 minutes. The Workhorse comes on a stand and has optional casters. It also comes with simple slitting knives for rough slitting. This industrial series laminator is ideal for both sheet and roll fed, hot and cold laminate jobs.

  • Intelligent heat controllers display both the set temperature and the actual temperature. The micro-processor in the control quickly learns to anticipate the heat demand of each job and keeps the actual temperature within a few degrees of the set temperature.

  • Both upper and lower rollers are mechanically driven, which prevents roll curling. Lower quality laminators that cut corners on design may only drive the upper or lower rollers, which creates friction on one side only, causing the material to curl as it is pulled though the laminator.

  • Laminating and pull rollers are covered with quality silicone rubber for superior release, higher lamination quality and easier cleaning. The laminating rollers and pull rollers are interchangeable.

  • Removable Heat Shoes are Teflon coated to reduce film abrasion and are easily unplugged and removed to clean or replace the laminating rollers.

  • Dual tension knobs (clutches) for each supply roll mandrel are easy to use and provide as little or as much tension as needed to keep work wrinkle-free.



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  1. WORKHORSE 25 inch Hot/Cold Laminator with heavy-duty stand release liner take-up. Without upper fan assembly (Requires 220 power)