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enVision 375

Gerber EnVision 375

15 inch Table Top Plotter

The enVision 375 is our most popular cutter not just because it is amazingly fast, but it can also handle the toughest and thickest materials and laminates. This digital die cutter integrates with the Gerber Edge FX printer to cut inside and outside shapes on your label, decal or overlay. We highly recommend this cutter if you are going to use laminates or transfer adhesives in your label construction.

Gerber's enVision 375: Ease & Affordability

Gerber enVisions are designed for the rigors of everyday use. Their high performance servo-drives and continuous automatic systems assure a precision cut at every position, at any velocity.

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  • Back-slit your labels or decals
    Back-slitting is often referred to as "crack-n-peel" and can be done very accurately with the enVision plotter.

  • Superior sprocket-feed technology
    This ensures positive material tracking for outstanding results — no slipping, no skewing, no waste and no guesswork.

  • Reliable Operations
    enVisions perform so reliably all by themselves, you can become a multi-tasker instead of babysitting the plotter.

  • Micrometer knife holders
    That means you can dial out exactly 4 mils of knife blade to cut 3 mil vinyl with 1 mil of adhesive. Using this tool properly will insure proper cutting depth. When the cutting depth is set on the knife holder as described above, the only variable is the cutting force, which can be increased or decreased in the software or at the cutter. It's a very successful combination.

  • Minimal training required
    Tool speed, force, acceleration, and blade offset compensation are set automatically when you specify your material in the Gerber software. With a little education from us, an operator can learn to determine what the proper settings are for material with protective laminates.

  • User Friendly Control Panel
    Pre-programmed settings plus the ability to create and save custom tool settings for other materials. Just make your selection and you're ready to go.

  • Superior Bail/Roller System
    Keeps even difficult-to-cut materials under your complete control, maintaining position, eliminating shifting and ensuring optimal tracking.

  • Easy material loading
    Advanced "X-Axis Homing" feature brings the 3-pin set-up to loading position automatically. You're up and running in no time. Load material onto the sprocket wheels for quick, accurate and unattended material feed.

  • Extreme Accuracy For Unattended Operation
    The enVision's superior sprocket-fed technology ensures positive material tracking for outstanding results- no slipping, no skewing, no waste and no guesswork. Gerber enVision plotters perform so reliably unattended, you can run lengthy text or graphics after hours and increase your productivity. Just set-up and walk away.

  • Incredible Performance
    With an enVision plotter on your team, you can save time and money. The enVision's state-of-the-art sprocket plotter technology includes advanced features, Gerber quality, awesome 3G acceleration and 36 inches per second output speed.

  • High Performance
    Fully compatible with Gerber Omega™ design software and Gerber Edge® series printed graphics

  • Open architecture
    Compatible with leading design and cut software

  • Intuitive user interface
    Short learning curve and user intuitive

  • Multiple functionality
    Cutting, pen plotting and pouncing

  • Carbide knife blades
    Razor sharp and long lasting

  • Multiple blade types
    Capable of cutting a wide variety of materials with variable thickness. From standard vinyls to sandblast stencil.



Configuration: Desktop

Material Feed: Sprocket

Material Width: All 15" (381 mm)

Cutting Width: 13.25" (327 mm)

Cutting Speed: 50" per second

Knife Configuration: Swivel Knife

Cutting Depth Adjustment: Key Pad

Pen Plot: Included

Pounce: Optional

Dimensions: 29" x 11" (740 x 280 mm)

Weight: 60 Lbs (27 kg)

Communication Port: Serial and USB with adapter

Power Requirements: 100-230 V (47/36 Hz)

Replot Function: Up to 9,999 repeats

Test Plot/Cut: Yes

Curve and Arc Smoothing: Yes


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  1. EnVision 375 15 in Plotter with 1 year warranty

  2. Gerber EnVision 375 plotter, Used, Good condition, Service Contract sold separately