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Omega Training

We are the Gerber Specialists! We develop materials, hardware, work flow, and software to compliment the very capable Gerber systems. We offer consultation and training sessions by as little as a 15 minutes on-line. We also offer on-site installation and instruction, as well as at our office. GMS is local to Chicago O’hare airport in case you would like to visit our showroom, or get away from your office for some uninterrupted training.

gerber system specialist

Let us help you learn about best practices, special features, materials, work flow, and other tips and techniques that will help you stand out from the crowd! Learn to run consecutive serial numbers, bar codes, special die cutting and weeding tricks, and more. Have a project you aren't sure how to produce most efficiently? We can even send you a small web cam, so we can see what you are doing. We're here to help!

Please call for pricing for on-line, in-person, and on-site training: 800-232-8018

webcam for training

We send a webcam for video link-up during training sessions