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Omega Upgrades

Gerber Omega Software Upgrades

Upgrade any level of Gerber Omega software to the new Omega 6.5. 

Gerber Omega software is a full design suite that has evolved over the past two decades into a program that allows you to design, pre-flight, print and cut, all from this single platform. The latest version adds several capabilities that have been asked for over the past few years such as easy font matching and embedding logos within QR codes. Omega 6.5 is a culmination of decades of suggestions from users like you.
Please note: when ordering software, include your current serial number and system ID in the "Instructions for GMS"  field when checking out of the shopping cart. 

Click Here to read our Product Manager's overview of the features in Omega 6.5.


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  1. Graphix Advantage to OMEGA 6.5 Upgrade Software. Serial number and System ID required.


    Regular Price: $895.00

    Special Price: $716.00

  2. OMEGA 1.5x and 2.0/2.1 to OMEGA 6.5 CP Upgrade with serialized key. Current Serial number and


    Regular Price: $845.00

    Special Price: $676.00

  3. OMEGA 2.5x/2.6x and 3.0 to OMEGA 6.5 Upgrade Software. Serial number and System ID required.


    Regular Price: $645.00

    Special Price: $516.00

  4. OMEGA 4.0 and 5.0 to OMEGA 6.5 Upgrade (Password and DVD kit). Serial number and System ID required.


    Regular Price: $545.00

    Special Price: $436.00

  5. OMEGA 6.0x to OMEGA 6.5 Upgrade (Password and DVD kit)


    Regular Price: $345.00

    Special Price: $276.00

  6. OMEGA 6.5 Layout Station. (CP Level Design only software.)