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Materials for Industrial Applications

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Materials for Industrial / Manufacturing / OEM Applications

Heavy duty industrial and manufacturing facilities have their own needs for labels that go on equipment, electronics, machinery, and other products. They are also placing labels on the assembly line, for serial numbers, safety notices, non-removable legal notices and control panel overlays. These materials may need to be resistant to high heat and chemicals, or they may need to be tamper-evident. This is just a sampling of what you can produce and apply right on the manufacturing floor.

Armalex control panel overlay


Armalex is a sub-surface media used to make tough overlays and switch plates. Available in three different finishes.

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polyester label media

High-Bond Polyester

Label media that withstands up to 300 degrees, won't stretch, and uses our aggressive High-Bond adhesive that ensures labels, decals and signage are permanent.

Tuff-Cover UV Laminate


The toughest laminate we offer! Tuff-Cover is extremely UV resistant, impervious to chemicals, and holds up to harsh abrasion.

Pitbull Industrial Polyester media

Pitbull Industrial

Our most aggressive adhesive on non-stretch polyester media. Pitbull bites and doesn't let go! For truly permanent graphic applications. High heat resistant.

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destructible reflective tamper evident media

Destructible Reflective

Create labels that are tamper-evident. This material cannot be removed easily; it chips apart in an "eggshell" pattern that makes complete removal almost impossible.

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