Dupont Tedlar

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Tedlar® UV Laminate

Wipe off graffiti & keep graphics from fading in sunlight

This semi-gloss 1 mil laminate provides protection from UV, graffiti, chemicals, and cleaning agents. Tedlar® is pliable, and so thin and clear you won't even know it's there. Tedlar UV has the benefits of UV inhibitors in the film and adhesive.

Clear graffiti & UV resistant protective over laminate with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive with a UV blocking additive. This laminate is conformable and has a non-stick satin finish. It works on most vinyl and polyester products.




Thickness: 1 mil Tedlar with 1 mil of adhesive

Outdoor Life: 5 years - vertical exposure. Shelf Life 2 years stored at 70˚ F

Adhesive Properties: High performance, permanent acrylic. UV resistant pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces

Service Temperature Range: -40˚ F to 225˚ F

Minimum Application Temperature: 50˚ F


  1. Tedlar 5 yr UV Anti-Graffiti Laminate - 12 in x 50 yd - 5 rolls


    Regular Price: $1,475.00

    Special Price: $1,250.00

  2. Tedlar 5 yr UV Anti-Graffiti Laminate - 13 in x 50 yd - 4 rolls


    Regular Price: $1,252.00

    Special Price: $1,250.00

  3. Tedlar UV Anti-Graffiti Laminate - 12 in x 50 yd

  4. Tedlar UV Anti-Graffiti Laminate - 13 in x 50 yd

  5. Tedlar UV Anti-Graffiti Laminate - 60 in x 50 yd