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Security Label Stock

Gerber Security Label Stock

Chrome or White Tamper-Evident Film

Gerber Security Label Stock: This 2-mil product was developed for production of identification markings with tamper-evident purpose. Once applied, if there is an attempt to remove the label, the word VOID appears on both the applied surface and the material, making it obvious that the label was tampered with. The removed label cannot be reapplied.

Gerber Security films are dimensionally stable, polyester-based films that resist tearing and abrasion. They have been formulated for use with Gerber Digital Color Printing Systems and GerberColor™ foils. They are coated with a tamper-evident adhesive system and are backed with a 90# lay-flat liner. Activation of the tamper-evident feature will occur approximately two hours after application at 60˚F to 75˚F (16˚C to 24˚C). This feature will become permanently non-functional when continuously exposed to temperatures above 104˚ F (40˚ C). Due to the mirror-like finish of the chrome silver, it is not suitable for the scanning of bar code information.

Gerber Non-Transfer Void Security Film is a matte blue, non-transfer, tamper-evident material designed to provide a message of “VOID OPEN” in the face material when it is removed. Removal permanently destroys the face material thereby providing obvious evidence of alteration. Gerber Non-Transfer Void Security Film adhesive leaves no residue when removed within 90 days on many application surfaces, eliminating the time and effort to remove the adhesive left by other types of security labels.

Intended Applications: Gerber Security Films are ideally suited for a wide variety of commercial and industrial label applications in which tamper resistance, heat resistance and dimensional stability are required, such as electronic equipment, computers, inventory and for producing permit/security decals.


Thickness: 2.4 to 2.5 mils with adhesive

Film Color: Chrome Silver & White

Adhesive: Pressure-sensitive adhesive

Adhesive Color: Clear

Liner: 90-lb layflat

Dimensional Stability: No measurable shrinkage

Application Temperature: 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C)

Operating Temperature: -40°F to 104°F (-40°C to 40°C)

  1. Gerber Security Label Stock - Non-Transfer Void - 15 in x 10 yd


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  2. Gerber Security Label Stock - Non-Transfer Void - 15 in x 50 yd


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  3. Gerber Security Label Stock 2 mil - Chrome Silver - 15 in x 10 yd


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  4. Gerber Security Label Stock 2 mil - Chrome Silver - 15 in x 50 yd


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  5. Gerber Security Label Stock 2 mil - White - 15 in x 10 yd


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  6. Gerber Security Label Stock 2 mil - White - 15 in x 50 yd


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