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GMS Media

Tuff-Cover™ UV 9 Laminate

Protect your signs and labels from harsh environments and UV damage


GMS Media Tuff-Cover


If you are creating labels or signs that will be exposed to UV or harsh environments, Tuff-Cover™ Laminate will give your markings the protection they need to last a long time.

Tuff-Cover is an 8 mil velvet textured laminate, with a clear, permanent, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Tuff-Cover has almost double the UV blocking power of other outdoor laminates, keeping colors bright for up to 9 years.

Another benefit of Tuff-Cover laminate is that you can use it with either vinyl or polyester base materials. For membrane switch overlays, Tuff-Cover withstands many times more push-button actuations when compared to polycarbonates. This film also exhibits excellent resistance to cracking (flex-stress tests) under the stress of push-button overlay applications.

tuff-cover UV tests


• harsh cleaners

• chemicals

• petroleum products

• gasoline

• hydraulic oil

• acid

tiered pricing discount on multiple 50 yard rolls

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 8 mil




5, 10, 25, 50

 8 mil


Wide Format


5, 10, 50

 8 mil


Wide Format



 8 mil


Wide Format


10, 25, 50

 8 mil




- UV Damage
- Cleaning Agents
- Abrasion/Scratches
- Chemicals


Thickness: 8 mil film, plus 1 mil of adhesive.

UV Life: 9+ years according to independent Outdoor & QUV tests. Test results are available upon request. A 300 hr. Carbon Arc Weatherometer test has also been documented.

Shelf Life: 9+ years stored at 70˚ F

Adhesive Properties: General purpose permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, works on most surfaces. Not recommended for low energy plastics.

Service Temperature Range: -40˚ F to 175˚ F

Minimum Application Temperature: 50˚ F



This product is CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Compliant. See spec sheet below: