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Convex Chrome

Convex Vinyl  

Convex® Chrome With High-Bond™ PSA

7-year mirror-shiny film for outdoor decals. UV protected for 5+ years for outdoor use in transportation and sports equipment.

Want a highly polished mirror film?

Convex Chrome shiny outdoor UV film for decals, transportation and sports equipment. This product will last for 5-7 years outdoors without becoming dull looking. The aggressive adhesive makes it useable for plastic, powder paint, and other low-energy surfaces. Most chrome products are polyesters, which will not conform to complex curves. Convex Chrome will conform to slightly complex curves, but not in extreme cases (such as a helmet).


Printer Type

Widths (inches)

Lengths (yards)





5, 10, 25, 50

3 mil


Wide Format


5, 10, 25, 50

3 mil



Features of Convex Chrome:

  • Made with High-Bond™ adhesive that sticks to plastic and powdered paint surfaces.

  • Has a protective mask for a pristine finish.

  • Flexible and semi-conformable.

  • Works with the Gerber Edge® and as well as some inkjets printers.

  • Won’t oxidize like polyester does.






Thickness: 1.5 mil film with 1.5 mils of adhesive

Outdoor Life: 5 to 7 years

Shelf Life: 2 years when stored at 70º F & 50% RH

Adhesive Properties: 1.5 mils of permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive works for most surfaces (including textured low-energy plastic and metal surfaces)

Service Temperature Range: -40º F to 212º F

Minimum Application Temp.: 50º F

We recommend Convex or Pro-Shield® laminates for durable protection against the rigors of extreme sports. Convex Chrome won’t shrink; therefore Wet Look™ 10 year UV polyester can be used as a laminate for flat applications. Wet Look UV adds a protective super-high gloss shine and is scratch resistant. Convex Supreme UV is a 5-7 year high gloss vinyl laminate and will add 4 mils to the thickness, making it easier for the novice to apply.

This product is CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Compliant. See spec sheet below: