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Destructible Reflective

GMS Media

Destructible Reflective 5 mil 7-Year Media

Create warning decals and asset tags that can't be removed without destroying them.

Destructible reflective film is perfect for warning labels and asset tags. This white destructible "engineering grade" reflective sheeting is a 5 mil, 7 year outdoor product. Once applied, it cannot be removed in one piece; the film will chip apart into tiny "eggshell" pieces, making it a long and tedious process to remove. Destructible Reflective vinyl is specially formulated for thermal printers. This film conforms to federal spec LS-300C, Federal Highway FP-92, and ASTM spec D-4956-90.

Give your clients peace of mind knowing their warning labels are secure and difficult to remove. This keeps their liability risks lower than with other materials.

Available in a 48" Master roll cut to custom widths. Standard 15” width for the Gerber is listed below. Please call customer service for more information and pricing on non-standard widths: 1-800-232-8018.

tiered pricing discount on multiple 50 yard rolls


Thickness: 4 mil Vinyl with 1 mil adhesive

Outdoor Life: 7 years

Adhesive: Aggressive, high performance, permanent solvent-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive

Shelf Life: 2 years stored at 70˚ F & 50% RH

Service Temperature: -30°F to 200°F

Minimum Application Temperature: +50°F


  1. Destructible Reflective White - 15 in x 10 yd

  2. Destructible Reflective White - 15 in x 5 yd

  3. Destructible Reflective White - 15 in x 50 yd

  4. Destructible Reflective White - 24 in x 50 yd