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Materials for the Aircraft Industry


Materials for the Aircraft Industry

The aircraft industry has specific needs for the materials used for the many labels and markings that go on each plane.

We specialize in media that meets the challenges of durability, with aggressive adhesive that reliably stays in place for the life of the machine.

polyester label media

High-Bond Polyester

The premium choice for industrial markings that last. High-Bond Poly prints cleanly, and comes in five different colors and finishes to suit every application need. Aggressive High-Bond adhesive ensures that decals are permanent. High-Bond Polyester won't shrink, and comes on a strong lay-flat liner, making it very suitable for doming applications as well.

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seatbelt sign lighted

LexEdge FR65

This reverse print Lexan material provides a tough surface for backlit signage and overlay control panels. For use in the production of sub-surface graphics for applications that require fire retardant material for aircraft, electrical and electronic applications. LexEdge FR65 is approved for aircraft signage.

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PlaStick Vinyl aggressive adhesive


This is the most aggressive media when it comes to smooth plastic surfaces. It even works on Thermoplastic Olefin (plastic with wax in it). PlaStick is a soft, flexible, 3 mil vinyl that is formulated for thermal and inkjet printing. PlaStick has 1.4 mils of the most aggressive permanent PSA for low energy (LSE) surfaces, including powdered paint. Available in white, orange, or yellow.

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glow in the dark adhesive media

Glo Brite

Glo Brite® 7630 is a photo luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) safety grade film for long lasting luminous applications. Charge time is only five minutes, and provides up to eight hours of glow time. Perfect for directional markings and signs.

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Gerber UL Label Stock

Gerber UL Label Stock is a dimensionally stable, polyester-based film that resists tearing, abrasion and heat. It has been custom-formulated for use with Gerber Digital Color Printing Systems and GerberColor™ foils.

3M 220 Vinyl

HP 220 Vinyl

Applications include vehicles, window displays, labels, decals, and signs of all kinds. Long life, vivid colors, and outstanding Edge-series print results can be expected from this 2 mil cast vinyl. 220 vinyl is very thin and flexible, and conforms well to irregular surfaces such as rivets.

Gerber PermaGrip

Gerber PermaGrip

PermaGrip has an extremely aggressive adhesive for use on low surface energy substrates. It is edge-stripped to eliminate build up of adhesive residue on sprocketed equipment. UL recognized Gerber PermaGrip Label Stock is available in 2 mil White and is formulated for both interior and exterior applications.