Polytronic Static Dissipating

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Polytronic™ Static Dissipating Media

Lose the static, not the electronic.

Polytronic Static Dissipating label media eliminates concerns regarding static charges when designing labels for sensitive electronic components.

When there are potential static charge issues, it is always better to be safe. Static charges can build up in other label media and have the potential to release damaging static electricity, whether in the application process or during use of the product. Our Polytronic Static Dissipating label media is the product of choice if your electronic components can be damaged by static charges. This metalized white polyester dissipates static electricity from the top, middle and bottom of the material. The adhesive is well suited for both high and low energy surfaces.

As a bi-product of a metalized white polyester, it is uniquely opaque and can also be used to cover other labels or markings.

Do not laminate: it will cover up the static dissipation coating.

Applications: Circuit boards, electronics


Thickness: 2 mil polyester with 1 mil of adhesive

Outdoor Life: 2 years

Shelf Life: 2 years stored at 70 F & 50%RH

Service Temperature Range: (-40º F to 302º F)

Adhesive Properties: Aggressive, high performance, permanent solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces including low energy plastics.



  1. Polytronic Static Dissipating 2 mil White - 15 in x 10 yd