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Armalex Clear Mask

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Armalex Clear Mask 8 Mil

Easily mask off areas where you don't want adhesive!

How do you get adhesive only where you want it, keeping it off windows, buttons, and flanges?

With the Gerber system it's easy, because it uses sprockets to index materials and easily build processes. After printing on Armalex or LexEdge, apply this adhesive mask with a laminator. Then, register it in the cutter and cut the mask where you want. Simply remove the mask where you want the adhesive to stick and leave the mask where you don't want the adhesive to stick. Next step: laminate the adhesive over the top of the mask, put it back in the cutter, index the same registration mark, and cut exactly the same pattern you cut on the mask. The result is precisely indexed adhesive, exactly where you want it.

Click to watch a short video on this process:

 This product is CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Compliant. See spec sheet below:

  1. Armalex - 8 mil Clear Mask - 13 in x 5 yd


    Regular Price: $42.32

    Special Price: $39.52

  2. Armalex - 8 mil Clear Mask - 13 in x 50 yd


    Regular Price: $346.16

    Special Price: $323.23