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3m Scotchcal Luminous Film

3M Scotchcal Luminous Film for Gerber

This 9 mil, durable, "glow-in-the-dark" vinyl is custom-formulated for the Gerber printing system. For applications that require maximum visibility for both day and night viewing. Suitable for interior safety signage, and identification signs and markings.

Gerber Luminous film will "glow" for up to 6 hours and will recharge with as little as three minutes of exposure to sunlight, fluorescent or incandescent light (longer exposure will improve performance). A perceptible glow can be detected for up to seven hours. The luminous material meets International Maritime Organization, National Fire Protection Association, and Federal Railroad Administration requirements.

Gerber Luminous Film is compatible with Gerber High Performance Series 220, 225, 280 and 280i vinyl films. No heavy metals or radioactive materials are used in the production of this product.


Gerber Luminous Film is suited for the production of interior safety signage in buildings, ships, aircraft, railroads, as well as interior identification signs and symbols. Gerber Luminous Film can also be used for short-term outdoor markings.

This film is intended for use on flat or simple curved surfaces. It is not intended for applications where petrochemical contact may occur.



Thickness: 8 to 9 mil

Film Color: Matte light yellow-green

Adhesive: Permanent solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive

Adhesive Color: Clear adhesive on grey-backed film

Liner: 78-lb kraft paper

Dimensional Stability: .031 in (.8 mm)

Application Temperature: 50°F to 100°F (10°C to 38°C)

Operating Temperature: -30°F to 200°F (-34°C to 93°C)


LUMINANCE CHARACTERISTICS: The afterglow of Gerber Luminous Film degrades with time after the charging source is removed. This characteristic must be taken into account when designing markings and signs. The amount of afterglow depends on the observation conditions such as ambient (background) light and the observer. Typical afterglow (luminance) values for Gerber Luminous Film (unprinted) are as follows:

Elapsed Time (minutes)

Typical Luminance (mcd/m2)








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