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3M Series 280/280i Reflective

GERBER 280 & 280i Plus

This 7 mil film will last up to 7 years outdoors

The Gerber 280 series is flexible, reflective sheeting designed for the production of multicolor markings, displays, signs, and vehicle markings that require high visibility, both day and night. Series 280 is a durable, dimensionally stable film with a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to withstand a variety of severe weather and handling conditions.

The NEW 280i Plus is is a new development from 3M and Gerber, specifically formulated for printing with the Gerber EDGE. The “Plus” feature makes it easier to remove graphics, cutting down on labor. GerberColor Process and Transparent Foils are especially ideal for use with Series 280i Plus because the transparent characteristic of these foils allows the retro-reflectivity of the film to show through. See the spec sheet below for more details.

Retro-reflectivity characteristics that surpass most industry brightness standards will allow EDGE owners to meet customer specifications. 3M/Gerber reflective sheeting is often listed as a "spec" item. EDGE owners using GerberColor Process and GerberColor Transparent Series can win bids printing on 280 and 280i.

*280i comes in white only and is printable. 280 does not come in white.

Printer Type

Widths (inches)

Lengths (yards)




15, 30

10, 50

7-8 mil

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NOTE: The 30 inch sizes come side-punched, as well as the 15 inch sizes.

Intended Applications: Series 280 and 280i can be used on flat surfaces with or without rivets, or moderate curved surfaces.


Thickness (film and adhesive): 7 to 8 mils (0.18 to 0.20mm)

Film color: Gold, black, ruby red, red, orange, lemon yellow, yellow, green, light blue, blue and white (#280i)

Adhesive: clear, pressure sensitive

Liner: 78 pound, white kraft paper

Application substrates: For flat surfaces with or without rivets, or moderate curved surfaces

Application surfaces: Flexible signage, glass, metal, acrylic, polycarbonates, fiberglass, painted surfaces

Removability: Permanent