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Gerber Static Cling

Gerber Static Cling

Great for windows and temporary graphics

Static Cling is a ready-to-go sign face. Print, cut and apply it to the final substrate. Customers love this material because they can apply it themselves. Use static cling for window graphic applications. Ideal for interior applications of temporary decorative, instructional, or promotional labels or signs that are going on glass products such as windows, monitors, or mirrors. Gerber Static Cling is 8 mil and available in white or clear.

Static Cling has been designed for use with Gerber Digital Color Printing Systems and GerberColor™ Foils.

Intended Applications: Gerber Static Cling vinyl is ideally suited for producing attractive single and multi-color graphics for interior signs and displays. It can also be used as a substrate for easily-mounted and removable temporary signs. This vinyl is intended for temporary application to glass. It may also function adequately on smooth, non-porous plastics and metals. Static Cling is not intended for use on painted surfaces without prior test and approval by the user. The user should determine the suitability of all substrates prior to application. Static Cling is intended for interior applications only, and is not intended for applications where petrochemical contact may occur.


Thickness: 7.5 mils

Film Color: Clear, White

Adhesive: n/a

Adhesive Color: n/a

Minimum Application Temp: 40˚F (5˚C)

  1. Gerber Static Cling - Clear - 10 yd


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    Special Price: $39.65

  2. Gerber Static Cling - Clear - 50 yd


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    Special Price: $125.69

  3. Gerber Static Cling - White - 10 yd


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    Special Price: $40.87

  4. Gerber Static Cling - White - 50 yd


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    Special Price: $129.09