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Sandblast Materials

Gerber Sandblast Material

Professional sandblast material for cemetery monuments, glass art and windows, wood signs and more. Streamline your work and produce clean, precise stencils by cutting them on a Gerber Plotter. The adhesive stays put for crisp lettering and edges, and removes cleanly when you are fininshed sandblasting.

Series 519YP and 1532 are precision punched by Gerber for exceptional tracking on Gerber 15-inch sprocketed plotters. This material can also be hand cut, or cut on a friction or flatbed cutter. This material protects granite, marble, concrete, wood, and stone surfaces during sandblasting.

The Gerber Sandblast Series 1532™ one-liner sandblast stencil has a low-friction coating.

Gerber Sandblast 519YP features a double liner with a yellow translucent polyester inner liner that gives cut stencils improved visibility. The double liner is ideal for supporting centers of letters as well as highly detailed cuts. You don't need to use transfer tape with the double liner.

Series 519YP and 1532 can be cut on any Gerber 15-inch sprocketed or friction plotter. Select "Gerber 522 Sandblast Stencil Splice-Free manufactured by 3M" for the proper cut settings. A 60° SuperSharp blade is recommended.



Length (yards)

Series 1532 Single Liner

15", 30"


Series 519YP Double Liner



  1. Sandblast Material - 1532 - Single Liner - 15 in x 10 yd


    Regular Price: $206.66

    Special Price: $179.79

  2. Sandblast Material - 1532 - Single Liner - 30 in x 10 yd


    Regular Price: $401.82

    Special Price: $349.58

  3. Sandblast Material - 519YP Double liner - 15 in x 10 yd


    Regular Price: $343.53

    Special Price: $298.87