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Convex Reverse

Convex Vinyl

Convex® Reverse

The Clear Choice

Convex® Reverse is a sub-surface print vinyl that is thick and pliable for application to helmets and other sports decals. Because it is soft and moldable, it will conform to curved surfaces. Beautifully clear, so the colors underneath are not muted.

This Convex Reverse film has no adhesive. Like a screen printer, you print on it in reverse (wrong reading) and then apply adhesive to it. You can cut it before or after you apply the adhesive depending on how you want to deliver your finished product. The choice of adhesive is probably the most important factor—consider what you are applying it to and how long you want it to last.

Convex Reverse is not compatible with most ink jets.

Applications: Sport helmets (football, hockey, lacrosse, etc), sports equipment



Thickness: 16 mil clear vinyl

Adhesive Properties: N/A

Outdoor Life: 2+ years

Shelf Life: 1 year stored at 45˚ F to 70˚ F & 50%RH

Service Temperature Range: (-10˚ F to 176˚ F) (-23.3˚ C to 80˚ C)

Minimum Application Temp.: 50˚ F

  1. Convex Reverse 16 mil - 15 in x 10 yd

  2. Convex Reverse 16 mil - 15 in x 30 yd

  3. Convex Reverse 16 mil - 15 in x 5 yd

  4. Convex Reverse 16 mil - 30 in x 30 yd