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225 Gerber High Performance Vinyl

225 Gerber High Performance Vinyl

Scotchcal 225 sets the industry standard for vinyl performance. It is the same cast vinyl as Scotchcal 220, which is dimensionally stable, and has a clear, pressure-sensitive adhesive. However, the Scotchcal 225 comes on a clear synthetic liner which won't curl or split when exposed to moisture/humidity. This makes it an excellent choice for doming applications. Series 225 is designed to withstand a variety of severe weather and handling conditions. It is available in 25 colors including opaque gloss, metallic, and Clear Enamel Receptive, in both punched and unpunched formats. The clarity of the liner also aids when lining up graphics on the substrate, or on a light table.


Printer Type

Widths (inches)

Lengths (yards)






2 mil

See chart: if you do not see the color you need listed, please call to order: 1-800-232-8018.


Long life, vivid colors, and outstanding Gerber Edge print results can be expected from Scotchcal 225.

Use of application tape for applying graphics larger than a business card is recommended.



UV durable labels

Window displays

Vinyl markings


Exterior signs

Vehicle & Fleet graphics



Film: 2-mil cast vinyl

Thickness (film and adhesive): 2.5 to 3.5 mil (0.063 to 0.09 mm)

Film color: Over 25 colors

Adhesive: Clear, pressure sensitive

Liner: Transparent synthetic

Application substrates: For flat surfaces with and without rivets, or simple curved surfaces

Application surfaces: Flexible signage, glass, metal, acrylic, polycarbonates, fiberglass, painted surfaces

Removability: Permanent