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Gerber Quantum II


Quantum II Vinyl

QUANTUM II is a 3.0-mil calendered vinyl formulated to provide optimum cutting, weeding, printing, and release results. QUANTUM II is intended for a wide variety of interior and exterior cut-film applications and has been designed to work with the GERBER EDGE, GERBER EDGE 2, and GERBER EDGE FX thermal transfer printing systems, in conjunction with GerberColor Foils.


QUANTUM II can be used to produce signs,  graphics, displays, and labels of all types. It has a clear, permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive which allows it to be used in two-way marking applications. QUANTUM II can be applied to a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, fiberglass, plastics, glass, and most non-porous painted surfaces. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of all substrates prior to final application. This film is not recommended for use on corrugated or highly irregular surfaces or for vehicle applications (Use Gerber High Performance Series 220, 225, or 3M™ Controltac™ Film 180 for vehicle applications).


Thickness: 3.0mil
Adhesive: Permanent acrylic PSA
Adhesive Color: Clear
Adhesive Thickness: .08 to 1.0 mils
Tensile Strength at Break: 3800 psi
Elongation: 250%
Dimensional Stability: <.020 in (.0008 mm)
Application Temp.: 40° F (4° C)
Removal Temp.: n/a
Operating Temp.: -40° F to 200° F (-40° C to 93.3° C)


  1. Quantum II Intermediate - Black - 15 in x 250 yd


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    Special Price: $287.61

  2. Quantum II Intermediate - Black - 15 in x 50 yd


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    Special Price: $61.59

  3. Quantum II Intermediate - Red - 15 in x 250 yd


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    Special Price: $287.61

  4. Quantum II Intermediate - White - 15 in x 250 yd


    Regular Price: $326.12

    Special Price: $283.72

  5. Quantum II Intermediate - White - 15 in x 50 yd


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    Special Price: $60.75

  6. Quantum II Intermediate - Yellow - 15 in x 250 yd


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    Special Price: $287.61

  7. Quantum II Intermediate - Yellow - 15 in x 50 yd


    Regular Price: $70.79

    Special Price: $61.59