We Love Hearing From You!

It's always great to see how our creative customers are implementing GMS Materials.
Here are some examples of the amazing work coming off your printers!

"I am especially excited to receive the Convex Chrome material, as we currently have a lot of enquires for chrome effect decals. . . . For a year I tried various local vinyls and laminates to do the kart decals with; however due to the complex curves of the kart plastics, the vinyl either does not stick, folds and creases, and we even had a situation where the laminate would shrink smaller than the vinyl leaving a sticky residue around the edges after a day or two. Finally we sourced some Convex and since we have done many decal sets with satisfied customers – thank you."

---Allan B., South Africa

 "The GMS Rewinder is fabulous—all we have to do now is set it and forget it. Once the machine is printing and the rewinder is turned on we just let it do its job while we can concentrate on other tasks."

---Mike, USA

Our rewinders are amazing by the way. We will most likely be buying another set this year.

--Philip W., USA

Convex GearWrap for Helmets  Convex Chrome for Cut Lettering  Boat Graphics Convex Supreme
 Convex on MX bike  formula car with Convex Vinyl  Chrome shiny bike
 Plastick for waterproof application  Pro-Patch sew-on label media Pro-Patch sew-on label media 
 Convex on MX bike  Convex Supreme UV Laminate  Pro-Patch on seat