Invisible Matte 1 mil

GMS Media

Invisible Matte™ 1 Mil Laminate

Invisible matte finish laminate keeps your colors vibrant

Invisible Matte™ Laminate is a new economical polyester product that does not mute the color of your graphics. It is amazing how dark the grays and blacks stay when using this laminate. You hardly know it is there! Fingerprint resistant. Provides a flat, scuff-free, non-reflective finish. Ideal for graphics under direct lighting.



Thickness: 1 mil polyester, 1 mil of adhesive

Shelf Life: 2 years stored at 70˚F and 50%RH

Adhesive Properties: General purpose permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Works on most surfaces.


  1. Invisible Matte - 1 mil Laminate - 13 in x 5 yd

  2. Invisible Matte - 1 mil Laminate - 13 in x 65 yd

  3. Invisible Matte - 1 mil Laminate - 54 in x 65 yd