Stubbl Non-Slip Laminate

GMS Media

Stubbl Laminate

Gives excellent traction/grip on floors or wet surfaces

This heavily textured, clear flexible laminate provides anti-slip characteristics to the surface or media it is applied to. Stubbl is an 18 mil thick laminate designed for applications where solid traction or grip is needed. Works well with or without graphics.

Stubbl works dry or wet, and therefore is recommended for watercraft and tubs, swim platforms, surf boards, and stand-up paddle boards. It's also great for MX bikes, quads and other recreational vehicles.

Stubbl exceeds OSHA and ADA Standards for non-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Certified as “High Traction” by the NFSI.

Apply to clean, dry, lubricant-free surfaces. If you intend to apply Stubbl to solvent ink jet prints, we strongly suggest that you let the prints dry for at least an hour before laminating. The end user is responsible for determining the exact dry times for the ink and media combination they are using.


Thickness: 17 mil embossed vinyl with 1.5 mils of adhesive

Outdoor Life: 2 years

Shelf Life: 1 years stored at 70˚ F & 50%RH

Adhesive Properties:Permanent Acrylic

Service Temperature Range: 0˚ F to 175˚ F (-32˚C to 40˚C)

Minimum Application Temp.: 50˚ F (10˚C)


  1. Stubbl Non-Slip Laminate - 13 in x 20 yd

  2. Stubbl Non-Slip Laminate - 13 in x 5 yd

  3. Stubbl Non-Slip Laminate - 20 in x 20 yd

  4. Stubbl Non-Slip Laminate - 27 in x 20 yd

  5. Stubbl Non-Slip Laminate - 27 in x 5 yd

  6. Stubbl Non-Slip Laminate - 54 in x 20 yd