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Write-O! Laminate

Writable laminate that can withstand 300+ degrees.

When you laminate with Write-O!™, you create a protective surface you can write on with a ballpoint pen, pencil or marker, or print on again. From unique inspection tags to signature labels, there are many ways to use Write-O. This laminate provides a strong layer of protection from abrasion, petro chemicals, and cleaning agents. Write-O! is a 1 mil matte polyester laminate with a non-glare writable surface.

This is also a "printable" laminate, so you can laminate and then print on otherwise unprintable matte materials. You can even print your logo, application instructions, or variable data for tracking purposes on the back of the liner you print your labels on!

 tiered pricing discount on multiple 50 yard rolls


Thickness: 1 mil polyester, plus 1 mil of adhesive
Outdoor Life: Recommended for interior applications only. Film will eventually yellow if exposed to the sun in exterior applications.
Shelf Life: 2 years stored at 70˚ F & 50% RH
Adhesive Properties: Permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, works on most surfaces
Service Temperature Range: -40˚ F to 302˚ F (-40˚ C to 150˚ C)
Minimum Application Temp.: 50˚ F (10˚ C)


  1. Write-O 1 mil Matte Laminate - 13 in x 5 yd


    Regular Price: $19.05

    Special Price: $13.00

  2. Write-O 1 mil Matte Laminate - 13 in x 65 yd