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GMS Rewinder Alignment Station for Gerber Edge

GMS Heavy Duty Rewinders and Alignment Frame

No wrinkles, No dust spots, No waste, No babysitting.


Our latest addition to the line is the GMS Alignment Frame, which cradles the EDGE FX, EDGE 1, or EDGE 2. It aligns and secures the rewinders in tight proximity to the Edge. You no longer have to worry about moving rolls, foils, or other things out of the way of the media feeding back and forth.

The Alignment Frame can be purchased separately if you already have GMS Rewinders; However the base plates must be drilled to fit on the frame. Therefore you can send the rewinders, or the base plates to us, and we can make them ready to fit on the Alignment Frame. You may also need the 7” flanges, which come with a small cost.

The Alignment Frame is available with or without Rewinders. Available for the Gerber Edge 1 & 2, and the Gerber EdgeFX.



GMS Rewinders are recommended for every Gerber printing system because they automate the unwinding and rewinding of the materials between colors. With rewinders, a Gerber System can be left unattended during printing. This prevents the material from touching dusty surfaces, wrinkling or folding as the media is pulled back into the printer. They also give you the freedom to do other things while the Edge is printing. GMS Heavy Duty Rewinders have a 5 year warranty and are typically repairable for much less than the purchase price of one rewinder. Controls feature bidirectional operation and torque/speed adjustments. The rewinders are easy to set up and easy to use; watch the demonstration video below to see how just well they work.

This is how the Rewinders work: Just slide your roll of Gerber material onto the rewinder, load it into the Edge as you normally would and then flip the directional switch on the rewinder to tell it which direction pull the material.

GMS Rewinders have adjustable torque for different types of materials (such as GerberMag) to keep the material off the work surface, off the dust, and out of harm's way. They have a small footprint and are heavy enough to stay in place or they can be permanently mounted to the work surface.

Bi-Directional Operation:
The GMS Rewinders offer bi-directional operation, so they can be used on both sides of the Gerber printer.

Two toggle switches adjust direction and speed, while a dial adjusts the torque. We also have Rewinders for the Gerber cutters, and they can be mounted as a take-up for the back of a laminator. The GMS Heavy-Duty Rewinders come with a 5 year warranty.


  1. Rewinder Alignment Frame for the Edge 1 & 2 with 2 GMS Heavy Duty Rewinders

  2. Rewinder Alignment Frame for the Gerber Edge FX with 2 GMS Heavy Duty Rewinders