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Gerber Omega

Gerber Omega 6.5

Unlike other popular programs, Omega is built from the ground up specifically for on-demand production with Gerber hardware and materials.

Gerber Omega software is a full design suite that has evolved over the past two decades into a program that literally allows you to produce graphics that others can't. The latest version adds several capabilities that have been asked for over the past few years such as easy font matching and imbedding logos within QR codes. Omega 6.5 is a culmination of decades of suggestions from users like you.

Omega has an impressive array of import filters for popular file types. These filters alone would likely cost thousands of dollars as plugins for other popular graphic design programs.

Gerber Omega software also eliminates the need for color profiling that frustrates so many ink jet users. Gerber provides optimal print and cut settings in Omega for the materials that you choose. PMS color matching is also standard and up to date with Omega 6.5.

Omega gives you the most advanced capabilities for cutting. If it weren't for the integrated key-holed drive (sprockets) of the Gerber Edge and cutters, production wouldn't be so worry free. The combination of driving the material with sprockets, setting the exact depth of cut, and assigning cut attributes to layers in Omega allows the designer to add "customer useful" features to the design. These features include back cutting, crack & peel, placement tabs, the making of label kits, selective adhesive masking, butt cutting, and roll labels.

Omega is an intuitive, versatile, powerhouse that has the capability to enable a beginner, and propel the expert.

 Once you have Omega with output capability, you can purchase Gerber Omega Layout Stations. Layout Stations are the layout and design portions of the software without the print/plot software and drivers. This is a great option at a fraction of the price of the full suite. Use layout stations for designers working in other offices, at home, or on the road.


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  1. OMEGA 6.5 CP, Software. Full installation seat.

  2. Omega 6.5 CS Software version. (CS = Cut Solution) serial no.#

  3. OMEGA 6.5 Layout Station. (CP Level Design only software.)

  4. OMEGA 6.5 Plot Station. (CP Level Output only software.)